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Professor Mohammad Sajjad Alam (2010)


Name                                     Mohammad Sajjad Alam 

Dated                                       Feb 23rd 2010

Address                                 Physics Department 

                                                University at Albany 

                                                Albany, NY 12222


Web Address             


Phone                                      (518)-442-4535/4547, (Office/Lab), 371-6434 (Residence)

                                                (518) 867-5712 (cell)


Specialization                      Experimental Particle Physics

                                                 Computational Physics

                                                 Beowulf Cluster Class of Supercomputers

                                                 Science and Religion


Immigration Status             Naturalized American citizen

Marital Status                       Married with two children

Employment History         University at Albany:

                                                 Chair of Department of Physics (Sep.’03 – Aug. ‘06) 

                                                 University at Albany: Full Prof. (June ’95 –present) 

                                                 University at Albany: Assoc. Prof. (Sept.’88 – June ’95) 

                                                 University at Albany: Assist. Prof. (Sept.’84 – Aug.’88) 

                                                 Vanderbilt University: Assist. Prof. (Sept.’81 – Aug.’84) 

                                                 Vanderbilt University: Res. Assist. Prof. (Sept.’79 – Aug.’81) 

                                                 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center:

                                                 Research Assoc. (Aug.’75 – July’79) 

                                                 Vanderbilt Univ.: Research Assoc. (Aug.’74 – July ’75) 

                                                 Indiana Univ.: Research Assist. (Aug.’71 – June ’74) 

                                                 Dacca Univ.: Junior Lecturer (Sept.’69 – Aug.’70) 


Earned Degrees                   Ph.D.: Experimental Particle Physics 

                                                 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 

                                                 Completed 1975: G.P.A. 3.8/4.0 

                                                 M.Sc.: Theoretical Nuclear Physics 

                                                 Dhaka University, Bangladesh 

                                                 Completed 1970: First Class, Second in College of Science 

                                                 B.Sc.: Honors (Physics with Chemistry & Mathematics) 

                                                 Completed 1968: First Class, Second in Department of Physics 


Awards/Honors                    1970 Dhaka University, E. Pakistan 

                                                 Overseas Merit Scholarship awarded to top three in Science Faculty 

                                               1993 U. at Albany Excellence in Research Award 

                                                 (Two Awarded bi-annually) 

                                                 2000 Abdus Salaam Award for Achievements in Science 

                                                 Pakistan League of America, New York 

                                                 2002 Elected Fellow Islamic World Academy of Sciences 

                                                 Amman, Jordan 

                                                 2003 Elected Member Pakistan Academy of Sciences

                                                 2006 Officially inducted into the Islamic World Academy of Sciences

Principle Investigator         CLEO Experiment at CESR (1985-2000)

                                                BaBar Experiment at SLAC (2001--)

                                                ATLAS Experiment at CERN Geneva (1995--)

Grants Received                  About $ 5.3 million (1987-2006) 

                                                 From D.O.E. (CLEO), TXNRLC (SSC), 

                                                 From D.O.E. (ATLAS), University at Albany, NSF

Publications                          500 + in Refereed Journals such as

                                                 Phy. Rev. Letters, Phy. Rev. D., Phy. Letters, Nucl. Inst. and Methods. 

Pub. in Conf. Proc.             More than 200

Ph.D. Theses               20 students have completed (Chair/Co-chair) Supervision

                                                 4 students being supervised (Chair) 

                                                 8 students have completed (Member) 

M.S. Theses                          6 students have completed. 

Talks and Lectures             More than 80 talks at conferences, colleges, Invited or Contributed

1981-2001 Editorial             “Novel Results in Particle Physics,”  

                                                 Co-editor with R.S. Panvini and S. Csorna 

                                                 AIP Conf. Proceedings No. 93, 1982.   

2003-2007                              Physics Department PASCAL Conference Organized by Graduate

                                                 Students with Professor Alam as Faculty Mentor.

TEACHING                           PHY104 Physics for Humanists (2006--)

                                                PHY105 General Physics for Health Sciences (1992-94)

                                                PHY140  General Physics for Sciences (2000-03)

                                                PHY353/553 From Microcomputers to Supercomputers (1985--)

                                                PHY454/554 Principles of Microcomputer Interfacing (1985--)

                                                PHY415/5i5 Physics of Radiation Therapy (2009--)


1972-1974 SLAC E-82 Searches for Exotic Associated with

                                                 Mesons Using a Fast Forward Neutron Trigger with the 15”

                                                 Rapid Cycling Bubble Chamber

1974-75                                 SLAC E-103 Search for Exotic 

                                                 Mesons Using a Fast Forward Proton Trigger with the SLAC

                                                 Streamer Chamber 

1976-79                                 MARK II at SPEAR studying collisions.

                                                 Focus on charm physics. 

1979-2000                             CLEO, CLEO 1.5, CLEO II Studying collisions at CESR. 

                                                 Focus on charm and beauty physics. 

1992-1993                             GEM detector prop. for the SSC.                                   

1993-2000                              CLEO II Upgrade.  Particle Identification System

1995-present                       Join ATLAS detector pixel group at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN

1998-2000                             Nominal member of BTeV at FNAL 

2000-present                       Joined BaBar Collaboration 

Hardware Contributions       

1972-74                                  Assemble and maintain optical spark chambers,

                                                fast logic for SLAC exp. E-82 

1974-75                                  Maintain and calibrate high pressure Cerenkov threshold

                                                 counter for SLAC exp. E-103 

1976-79                                  Design, fabricate, assemble TOF counters for MARK II. 

1979-84                                  Assemble dE/dx chambers for CLEO 

1985-87                                  Design, fabricate, and assemble endcap TOF counters for

                                                 CLEO II detector at CESR

1992-93                                  Design, fabricate, and assemble silicon beam telescope for

                                                 testing   interpolating pad chambers for the GEM central tracker.  

1992-94                                  R and D for Aerogel Cerenkov Contributions threshold

                                                 counters for CLEO III

1995-96                                  Ageing Studies of RICH detector structures exposed to

                                               TEA- mixture. 

1996-97                                  Designs and Fabrication of an Online Calibration System         for the CLEO III RICH                                                    System. 

1997-98                                  Microprobe Station for Testing ATLAS Pixel Detector 

1998-99                                  Complete Measurement of 600 Flex Circuits for the

                                                 CLEO III SVX Detector

1998-99                                  Setup the Albany Particle Testing and Training Tower,

                                                 Remote Control Interactive Learning Tool

1999-2000                              ATLAS Pixel Detector Testing Station Software

Software Contributions

1979-82                                  Wrote the first complete version of dE/dx pattern

                                                 recognition software with one other graduate student. 

1984-86                                  Ported the CLEO detector physics analysis software

                                               package to Albany.


                                                 CLEO-Related: Set up Computer Center with 600 MIP’s of CPU

                                               Center power based on VAX 3100, DEC5000/240, 

                                                 ALPHA 200/100 AXP workstations and 

                                                ALPHA3000/700 AXP work stations with 200 GB of HD 

                                                 Pushed for Ethernet to campus computer, linking Albany with other

                                                 HEP centers 

                                                 Set up a Video-Conferencing Station at Albany QuarkNet 

2000-etc.                                Albany joins the QuarkNet Organization.

                                                 First two high school teachers recruited from Guilderland and

                                                 Cohoes High School in the Albany school district. 

2000-etc                                 Proposal to set up Center of Applied Computation

                                                 Proposal and Computational Science based on Beowulf Clusters. 

2002                                       Setup the first Albany Beowulf Cluster called Burraq I

                                                 (19 CPU system)

2003                                       Setup the second Albany Beowulf Cluster called Burraq II

                                                 (55 CPU system)

2004                                       Setup a Three-node Baby Beowulf System called Maryam

                                                 for Teaching Students.

2006                                       Start Setup of an ATLAS Grid Test Bed Cluster


The most fun I have had is supervising bright young people for their Ph.D. degrees.


20. Ph.D. thesis of Maqsood Ahmed (Chair Prof. Alam, Prof. Aleem)

                                       2009:Computational Physics: Setting up a Beowulf Cluster

                                                 Thesis completed 2009


19. Ph.D. thesis of Alam Saeed (Chair Prof. Alam, Prof. Aleem)

                                       2009:Precision Measurement of Cabibbo-Allowed Decays of

                                       .    Joint degree with University of Punjab, Pakistan

                                       Thesis completed in 2009

18. Ph.D. thesis of Bin Pan (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                                 2007: Search for Doubly Charmed Strange Baryon .

                                                Thesis to be completed in 2007

17. Ph.D. thesis of Rahmi Bula (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                       2006:Observation of the Charmed Strange Baryon

                                       (New Particle Discovery)

                                                 Thesis completed by summer of 2006

16. Ph.D. thesis of Shamona Ahmed (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                       2006: Precision Measurements of the Mass, Width,                                                                    Cross-Section and Momentum Spectrum of the L-Excited

                                                 Thesis completed by summer of  2006.

15. Ph.D. thesis of Sama Zain (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                       2006:Precision Measurements of the Mass, Width, Cross-Section

                                       And Momentum Spectrum of the L-Excited

                                       To be submitted for publication.

14. Ph.D. thesis of M. Saleem (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                                  2005: Precision Measurements of New Cabibbo-Suppressed

                                                Decays of Charmed Baryon (New Decay Discovery)

                                                 Published in Phy. Rev. D.

13. Ph.D. thesis of Basit Athar (Chair Prof. Alam)             

                                       2001:Observation of  at CESR(New Particle Discovery).

                                       (Phy. Rev. Lett. 86:3730-3734, 2001)

12. Ph.D. thesis of Frank Wappler (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                                 2000: Observation of  at CESR

                                                 (New Decay Discovery) (Not published)

11. Ph.D. thesis of Ling Zhi Chao (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                                 1999: Observation of  

                                                 (New Decays Discovery) (not published)

10. Ph.D. thesis of Horst Severini (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                                 1997: Observation of  (New Decay Discovery).

                                                 (Phy. Rev. Lett. 79: 3599-3603, 1997)

9. Ph.D. thesis of Akhtar Mahmood (Chair Prof. Alam) 

                                                 1996: Observation of  (New Particle Discovery).

                                                 (Phy. Rev. Lett. 82: 492-496, 1999) 

                                                 1995: Observation of  (New Particle Discovery).

                                                 (Phy. Rev. Lett. 75: 4364-4368, 1995)

8. Ph.D. thesis of John O’Neill (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                                 1994:  Observation of Exclusive Decays of the Form

                                                  (New Decay Discoveries)

                                                 (Phy. Rev. Lett. 79: 3125-3129, 1997)

7. Ph.D. thesis of Dong Chen (Chair Prof. Sun, Member Prof. Alam)

                                               1994: First Measurement of Magnetic Moment Using Channeling

                                                 in Crystals

6. Ph.D. thesis of P.N. Wang (Chair Prof. Sun, Co-Chair Prof. Alam)       

                                                 1993: Observation of the Charmed Baryon

                                                 (New Particle Discovery)

                                                (Phy. Rev. Lett. 71: 3259-3263, 1993)

5. Chair: Ph.D. thesis of M. M. Zoeller (Chair Prof. Alam)

                                                 1993: Observation of  (New Decay Discoveries).

                                                (Phy. Rev. Lett. 73: 1472-1476, 1994)

4. Ph.D. thesis of V. Romero (Chair Prof. Alam, Co-Chair Prof. Sun)

                                               1992: Measurement of Strong Interaction Coupling Constant

                                                 (Not published).

3. Ph.D. thesis of Wei-chuan Li (Chair Prof. Alam, Co-Chair Prof. Sun)

                                                 1990:  Observation of B meson decays to  

                                                 (New Decay Discoveries)

2. Ph.D. thesis of Xin Chou Lou (Chair Prof. Alam, Co-Chair Prof. Sun)

                                                 1989:  Observation of  (New Decay Discovery).

                                                 (Phy. Rev. D45: 752-770, 1992)

1. Ph.D. thesis of V. Tanikella (Chair Prof. Alam, Co-Chair Prof. Sun)    

                                               1989: Observation of  in  collision (New Particle Discovery). 

                                                 (Phy. Lett. B226, 401-406, 1989)

                                                1989: Observation of the charmed strange Baryon  

                                                (New Particle Discovery)(Phy. Rev. Lett. 62: 863-867, 1989)

                                                Independently reported by Prof. J. Yelton of Univ. of Florida 


Publications in Refereed Journals


As part of the Mark II collaboration at Stanford University, CLEO collaboration at Cornell University, BaBar collaboration at Stanford University, and the ATLAS collaboration at CERN Geneva, I am a co-author on more than 450 papers in the major refereed journals of physics.  But as a tradition, we list only those papers in which we have played a leading role, either as analyst or through supervision of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Clearly, I have been the lead author on about 10% of the papers that I have my name on.  I claim the following paper as my list of direct publications


43.      Ph.D. thesis of Bin Pan: ‘Search for the Doubly-Charmed Baryon ,’

paper draft under preparation.


      42.  Ph.D. thesis of Samya Zain: ‘Precision measurement of the parameters of the excited charmed

Lambda_c+(2880),’ paper draft to be submitted to Phy. Rev. D.


      41.    B. Aubert et. Al., (BaBar Collaboration) ‘Observation of the Excited Charmed Baryon

Phy. Rev. Lett., 97:232001 (2006)


      40.   B. Aubert et. al., (BaBar Collaboration) ‘Measurement of Lambda_c+ branching fractions of

Cabibbo-suppressed decay modes involving Lamda and Sigm0 ,’ Phy. Rev. D75: 052002 (2007)


     39.     B. Athar et.  al., (CLEO Collaboration), ‘Observation of the Charmed Baryon at CLEO,’

     Phy. Rev. Lett., 86: 3730-3734, 2001. (2 citations)

     38.    S. C. Timm and M.S. Alam, et al., (CLEO Collaboration) ‘New Decay Modes of the

    Paper draft, to be sent to Phy.  Rev.  D.1999. Never published.

     37.   C. S. Jessop et al., (CLEO Collaboration), ‘Observation of Narrow States Decaying into

      and     ,’ Phy.  Rev.  Lett. 82:  492, 1999. (18 citations)

     36.   J. P. Alexander et al., (CLEO Collaboration), ‘Observation of New States Decaying into

   ,’ Phy.  Rev. Lett. 83:  3390, 1999. (15 citations)


     35.   ‘Observation of B meson Exclusive Decays into Final States Containing the Charmed Baryon

   ,’ by X. Fu et al.  (CLEO Collaboration) Phy. Rev. Lett. 79:  3125-3129, 1997. (11 citations)

34.      ‘First Observation of the Inclusive B Meson Decay to the Charmed Strange

     Baryons  and  , ’ by Bary Barish et al. (CLEO Collaboration), Phy. Rev. Lett. 79:  3599-3603,

    1997. (6 citations)


     33.    ‘Observation of New Decay Modes of the Charmed Strange Baryon ,’

                by K. W. Edwards, et al (CLEO Collaboration), Phy.  Lett. B373:  261-266, 1996.  (12 citations)


     32.    J. Alexander,  et al.  (CLEO Collaboration) “Observation of the Cabibbo suppressed charmed

     baryon decay   p ,” Phy.  Rev.  D53: 1013, 1996.             (4 citations)


     31.    P. Avery et al., (CLEO Collaboration), ‘Observation of a Narrow State Decaying into   ’ ,

               Phy.  Rev.  Lett. 75: 4363, 1995. (48 citations)


     30.    H. Fenker, et al., “Resolution Measurement of an Interpolating Pad Chamber in the 9 GeV/c

     beam at BNL”, Nuc.  Inst.  and Methods, A346:  75-94, 1994.

     29.   G. Crawford et al., “Observation of the charmed baryon and measurement of the

     isospin mass splitting of the  ”, Phy.  Rev.  Lett. 71: 3259, 1993. (13 citations)


     28.      P. Avery et al., “Study of the decays     K+, K+K- and K+   ”,

    Phy.  Rev. Lett.  71:  3259, 1993. (27 citations)

     27.   P. Avery et al., “Observation of Decays to  ,  ,      and     ”, 

             Phy. Rev.  Lett. B325:  257-262, 1994. (10 citations).

26.      M. Procario et al., “Observation of B Decays to the Charmed Baryons and  ”,

         Phy.  Rev. Lett., 73:  1472, 1994. (10 citations)


25.       Y. Kubota, et al., “The CLEO-II detector.” Nuclear  Instrument Methods, A320: 66-

    113,1992. (385 citations)


    24.       G. Crawford, et al., “Measurement of baryon production in B meson decay.”

    Phys.Rev.D45:  752-770,1992. (82 citations)


   23.        P. Avery et al., (the CLEO Collaboration), “Inclusive Production of the Charmed Baryon

     from e+e- Annihilations at  EQ \R(,s) = 10.55 GeV.” Physical Review, D43, 3599 (1991). (53 citations)


   22.        “Observation of  ,” P. Avery et al.,  (CLEO Collaboration) Phy.  Rev. Lett.  62, 863 (1989).

    (40 citations)

    21.       “ and Production from e+e- Annihilations in the  Energy Region

                  T. Bowcock et al.,  (CLEO Collaboration) Phys. Rev.  Lett.  62, 1240 (1989). (22 citations)


     20.     “Measurement of The Isospin Mass Splitting  -  ,” M.S. Alam et al., (CLEO collaboration ),

                     Phys.  Lett. B226, 401 (1989). (29 citations)


     19.     “Evidence for Charmed Baryons in B Meson Decay”, M.S. Alam, et al., Phys.  Rev.  Lett.

                       59, 22 (1987).  (49 citations)


     18.        “Observation of B  FX, ” P. Haas et al., Phys. Rev. Lett.  56, 2781 (1986). (60 citations)


      17.       “ Production from e+e-Annihilations in the  Region,” T. Bowcock et al.,

                     Phy.  Rev. Lett.  55, 923, 1985.  (35 citations)


      16.     “Decays of the (3097) to Baryon-Antibaryon Final States”, with M.W. Eaton et al.,

                     Phys.  Rev. D29, 804 (1984). (30 citations)


      15.     “Two-body Decay of B Mesons,” R. Giles et al., Phys.  Rev. 30D, 2279 (1984). (95 citations)


      14.     “Hyperon Production in e+e- Interaction in the Upsilon Region”, M. S. Alam et al.,

                     P.R.L. 53, 24 (1984). (36 citations)


       13.       “Particle Identification by Ionization Measurements:  Description of the CLEO dE/dx System”,

                     with R. Ehrlich et al., Nucl.  Inst.  and Methods 211, 17-45 (1983). (3 citations)


       12.    “Evidence for the F Meson at 1970 MeV”, with A. Chen et al., Phys.  Rev.  Lett. 51,

                     634-638 (1983). (130 citations)


        11.     “Observation of Baryons in B Meson Decay”, M.S. Alam et al., Phys.  Rev.  Lett. 51,

                     1139-1143 (1983). (38 citations)


        10.     “The CLEO Detector”, Nucl.  Instr.  and Methods 211, 47 (1983). (139 citations)


9.      “Decay of B Mesons into Charged and Neutral Kaons”, with A. Brody et al.,

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